Mission Statement

Our goal is to build and strengthen the relationships, the knowledge and under-utilized capacities of community residents to create positive conditions for health while promoting energy independence, self-sufficiency and the community’s personal capacity for leadership, learning and positive change.


COL provides a platform to converge technology with existing systems to benefit under-served global communities in the green power space.

COL focus combines technological advances and solutions, with “Sustainable Development”, setting acceptable standards, which enhances community self-sufficiency and participation, and achieves dynamic results: e.g., lighting a home, urban/village job collaboration, etc.

COL has developed physical training facilities as well as podcasts, internet based installation and service modules for the communities and countries in which it is involved.

  • a. Budget development for solar training institutes
  • b. Ensure equipment and services remain current, cost-effective and competitive
        with technology advancements
  • c. Proprietary wiring/cabling presents a formidable resale platform for urban/village
        jobs and creates additional future income streams

COL establishes relationships and negotiates with best quality, lowest priced manufacturing companies to achieve value for products and customers, complimenting established wholesaler agreements so all communities benefit in ordering from COL.

COL will assist communities in identifying and selecting participants for training.

Solar Energy CO-OP

How can I purchase your products or become involved in your workshops?

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In January 2013, we opened a fully equipped Communities of Light Solar Store & Showroom with demonstration models of the portable generators and lanterns.

Communities of Light store is located in the Midtown Global Market

Please visit us:
920 East Lake Street
Suite 137
Minneapolis, MN 55407
1-844-822-6464 or 612-239-4652.

Latest News

2015 10
World Bank Initiates Programs to Bring Electricity to 1.2 Billion Homes by 2030

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2015 4
Emergency Back-Up Generator Can Save Lives

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2015 5
By the end of 2016, over 2,000 people will have participated in our solar generator and decorative solar lantern workshops. Thousands more will have participated across the US, the Caribbean and Africa.
2013 10
We have created large inventories of solar lanterns and personal portable solar electric generators for sale within our store and display room.